100mm Semi commercial sliding door – Trinity

100mm Semi commercial sliding door

Aluminium Sliding Door is a classic favourite amongst property owners, and for good reason. Trinity Windows sliding doors are the perfect solution for almost any room size and shape, and they allow you to open up the thoroughfares from the inside to the outside of your home, as well as taking advantage of natural light and fresh air.

Siding doors consist of  fixed glass panels, and also moving panel which slides left and right to open and close the door. There are no protruding elements, meaning that they can be installed in small rooms, courtyards and balcony areas. Their design makes them easily compatible with fly screens and security screens, meaning you can leave your doors open for fresh air, without worrying about security concerns or insects getting into your home.

Available in a number of colour options, sizes and configurations, Trinity Windows aluminium sliding doors transform homes by combining the latest in materials, technology and design. This makes for safe, secure and easy living. And they’re suitable for just about any home.